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Internet Minister Scott Reese & wife Lisa

Rev. Scott Reese

Director of

Christ Cares

Just celebrated 30 years of ministry.



Christian Internet Ministry

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Christian Internet Ministry .com - Empowers you to share your faith online.



Christian Internet Ministry-

"YOU share YOUR faith"

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Christian Internet Ministry

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Empowers YOU to share your faith online.


Our mission is to:


1. Promote communication, cooperation, and collaboration among Christians for ministry endeavors.

"Community with Purpose"


2. Empower Christians to share their faith online by utilizing their unique gifts, passions, life experiences, etc. to open doors with those who don't know the Lord.

"Synergy of Passions"


3. Inspire and Instruct Christians to do #1 & #2 listed above and to raise funds to empower Rev. Scott Reese to develop strategies and websites to witness to the lost and to strengthen the BODY OF CHRIST.

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"You Share ... Your Faith"

Three Christian Internet Ministry Websites working together to empower YOU to share YOUR faith online:

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Ministry Community .org - World Wide Community .org - Synergy of Passions Christian Internet Ministry .com


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