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Internet Minister Scott Reese & wife Lisa

Rev. Scott Reese

Director of Christ Cares

Just celebrated 30 years of ministry.

Listen to an inspiring sermon on MISSIONS by Rev. Scott Reese:

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Reconciliation Resource Ministries a 501c3 Christian non profit organization.

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Is Internet Ministry & Web Evangelism a part of your missions budget?

Christian Internet Ministry .com - Empowers you to share your faith online.


Explanation of



"You Share ... Your Faith"

ChristianInternetMinistry.com empowers YOU to share YOUR faith online.

Our mission and strategy is to:

1. Promote communication, cooperation, and collaboration among Christians for ministry endeavors.


"Community with Purpose"

2. Empower Christians to share their faith online by utilizing their unique gifts, passions, life experiences, etc. to open doors with those who don't know the Lord.


"Synergy of Passions"

3. Inspire and Instruct Christians to do #1 & #2 listed above. Also to raise funds to empower Rev. Scott Reese to develop strategies and websites to witness to the lost and to strengthen the BODY OF CHRIST.

Why donate to ChristianInternetMinistry.com?

Funds are needed to develop the Christian Internet Ministry Websites described on ChristianInternetMinistry.com.

Designated Internet Ministry funds are also needed so Internet Minister Scott Reese can invest more of his time on Internet Ministry.

Until more funds are raised, Rev. Reese has very limited time or resources for our Internet Ministry projects. Web Evangelist Scott Reese is currently developing websites for missionaries (as a free service); studying web trends and technology; writing blogs and websites to inspire Christians (Adventures of a Web Evangelist, CellPhoneMinistry.org, InternetMinister.org, etc.) receiving inquiries, and developing other websites godinfo.info etc. as ways to share the good news and to challenge Christians. At this point Rev. Reese is investing less than one day a week on Internet Ministry due to the other demands and ministry goals of ChristCares.org. Designated funds and support for Internet Ministry will allow for a change in the job description to invest more time in Christian Internet Ministry. (This is our goal and the direction we feel God is leading, but we need a confirmation of support for this).

We feel the Lord has blessed our Director, Rev. Scott Reese, with a unique blend of gifts, passions, and life experiences to be able to effectively minister online:

* UNIQUE MINISTRY EXPERIENCE - 30+ plus years of Cross Cultural ministry as an Urban Missionary in the Chicago region. Understanding and ministering effectively in different cultures is of the utmost importance in effective Internet Ministry. Scott served as Founding Senior Pastor of an African American Congregation for about 18 years. He has also been preaching on a regular basis at a Chinese Church for the last 20 years. Currently Scott is called upon to minister in many diverse churches, cultures, and denominations.

* UNIQUE EDUCATION - Scott has a B.S. Degree in Pastoral Theology and also a Masters in Ministry from Moody Bible Institute. Scott has also taken multimedia and Web Development Classes from Columbia College of Chicago and Prairie State College. Rev. Scott Reese is CIW CERTIFIED as a Professional Site Designer, E-Commerce Designer, & a MASTER CIW DESIGNER. Rev. Scott Reese has the rare blend of deep theological training along with technical know how.

* UNIQUE BACKGROUND AND LOVE FOR THE BODY OF CHRIST - Rev. Scott Reese had the privilege to grow up in the home of Christian ministers Ed and Margaret Reese. Ed Reese is the author of the NEW RELEASE: The Reese Chronological Encyclopedia of Christian History and for over 50 years has labored in various ways to encourage the BODY OF CHRIST to work together (love and cooperation without sacrifice of any personal beliefs or standards). Scott carries on this vision.

Every Year he (Christ Cares) sponsors "The Taste of Reconciliation" where hundreds of Christians from various cultures and denominations gather to celebrate the Body of Christ.

Taste of Reconciliation Worship Service - promoting a spirit of love and cooperation in the Body of Christ

* UNIQUE GIFTS - (creative, visonary leadership with a pioneering [apostlistic] spirit. He is also the first to admit that along with some strengths he also has some weaknesses such as "administration". A team effort is necessary In order for Christian Internet Ministry to be successful - we would love to have YOU on our team!

* UNIQUE PASSION FOR INTERNET MINISTRY - For about 8 years Scott has been "a voice crying in the wilderness" trying to raise awareness and interest in Christian Internet Ministry. Through much adversity he has steadfastly maintained a commitment to aid in the cause of waking up the Church to get involved with using the Internet as a means to minister to their congregation, community, and missionary outreach. We also would like to acknowledge & thank Tony Whittaker, the Internet Evangelism Coalition, Gospel Communications, Campus Crusade / Global Media Outreach, and John Edmiston for providing inspiration and instruction on Web Evangelism.

* UNIQUE VISION - Unlike most other Christian websites, our goal is not to sell Christian materials or to promote a particular ministry. We truly believe in the "big picture". That the Body of Christ can and must work together for the cause of Christ. One particular niche that we seek to fulfill is to peovide opportunities for believers to share their faith and to use their particular hobbies, interest, passions, life experiences, etc., as "bridges" into the world of those who don't know the Lord. See bridgesites.org & ChristianCommunityGroups.com for better understanding of this.

*** YOU ALSO HAVE A UNIQUE GIFTS, BACKGROUND, INTERESTS, ETC. that can be used in powerful ways to encourage believers & to share God'd love to this lost world that God so loves.

Please contact us so we can help you on this exciting journey! We soon will be listing many volunteer positions that we need help with however beyond this, we'd like to help you find your own personal niche in Christian Internet Ministry - something that would inspire you to be actively involved in sharing your faith. Please sign up for our email newsletter and also please prayerfully consider making a donation to empower us to develop this strategic ministry.

Even a small commitment of only $5 or $10 a month could end up making a powerful difference!

You also may contact Internet Minister Scott Reese for more information:


Ministry Community .com - World Wide Community .com - World Wide Social Network Christian Internet Ministry .com -


Christian Internet Ministry & Web Evangelism opportunities coming soon...

Volunteers & funding needed!


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